Comprehensive Law Enforcement Services For A Safer New Mexico

Our Mission

The mission of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy is to provide exceptional basic training and in-service instruction to cadets, officers and telecommunicators that is built upon a foundation of character, competence, compassion, commitment, and comprehensive teamwork anchored with a base of exceptional service to the communities and the agencies we serve.

We will provide coordinated, consistent, and dynamic training and strive to ensure that law enforcement officers and telecommunicators are trained to successfully execute their duties responsibly and in accord with these core values.

Our Vision

The New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy strives to serve the State of New Mexico with ideas and innovations shaped more by experience and the rule of law than by emotion, more by best practices than by politics, and more by intellect than by impulse. In doing so, we will responsibly serve the public safety community, New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board, and the citizens of the state of New Mexico by providing exceptional training opportunities while enforcing the statutory and administrative laws and responsibilities entrusted to the agency; demonstrating the character & competence demanded of the profession.


The New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA) is an organizational unit of the Department of Public Safety (§ 9-19-7, Subparagraph C, NMSA 1978), controlled and supervised by policy set by the Law Enforcement Academy Board (§ 29-7-3, NMSA 1978). The NMLEA is established to provide a planned program of basic training and in-service law enforcement training by furnishing instruction and seminars to constantly upgrade law enforcement within the state (§ 29-7-2, NMSA 1978).  The NMLEA staffs nineteen (19) full-time employees who are dedicated to fulfilling the agency’s mission.

NMLEA Main Phone: 505-827-9252

Need Specialized Assistance?

Please view our Staff Directory below to direct your questions to the appropriate staff member for quick assistance and support.

NMLEA Staff Directory

Miranda Archuleta Receptionist 505-827-9252
Brian Coss Deputy Director 505-827-9271
Erica Esquibel

Compliance Officer:

  • BCSO, CNM, APD, & San Juan Regional Satellite Academies
Jason Garrett

Compliance Officer:

  • DASO, LCPD, & Hobbs Regional Satellite Academies
  • Roster/Course Completion certificate entry
Meliza Romero

Compliance Officer:

  • NMLEA, NMSP, & Western Regional Satellite Academies
  • Psychological Appeals
  • LEA-82 (Agency Employment Action) webform processing
Georgia Segovia

Executive Assistant

  • Secondary contact for: DASO, LCPD, & Hobbs Regional Satellite Academies
  • Secondary contact for: Roster/Course Completion certificate entry
Laura Escarcida

Case Manager

Joey Montoya

Business Operations Manager

Gabriel Ortiz

Deputy Director of Training

Janole Marchant

Curriculum Development Specialist

Cassandra Reed


Barbara Schalkofski


Elliott Guttman

Legal Instructor


Core Values


Integrity. Your word is your bond – keep your word.


Know your job and do it well.


Treat people with humility, dignity, and respect.


Mission accomplishment through intrinsic discipline, motivation, and focus.

Comprehensive Teamwork

Achieve success through cohesive empowerment and trust.