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Class Registration

To register online through the Acadis Portal, have your Agency Training Coordinator follow the link below:

Agency Training Coordinators can register personnel through the Acadis Portal. To view the listing, use the Training and Events menu on the left-side of the page, and select “Available Training”.

You will see the class listing and a “Register” or ‘Waitlist” button to the right. If the “Waitlist” button is appearing, this indicates that the class is already at capacity and you will only be added to the waitlist

If you have any questions regarding the training, including questions about accommodations, or about registration status please call 505-827-9252 or email:


The 5 Day Training at the Speed of Life® Instructor School is an advanced level instructor development school based on the concepts taught in the book “Training at the Speed of Life™ – The Definitive Textbook for Police and Military Reality Based Training” written by SIMUNITION® original co-founder, Ken Murray.

It is a classroom intensive program that covers advanced scenario training principles as well as adult learning principles in a comprehensive fashion. Also covered are the psychological factors present in officers during high level threat encounters.

These psychological factors affect an officer’s responses on many levels, although officers are rarely aware of the presence of these factors. Class participants are coached extensively on how to thoroughly remediate officer errors in light of these psychological factors so that officers will be able to integrate the lessons learned in simulated settings into their survival psychology, thereby increasing their likelihood to swiftly and effectively prevail in both low and high risk encounters.

Participants will learn to safely and effectively utilize simulation products manufactured by:

– ATK Force on Force™
– AirMunition®
– Airsoft
– Code Eagle
– RAP4
– Conventional paint ball
– Other training ammunition companies

Also covered is the use of:

– Protective equipment and confrontational impact gear including Blauer High Gear®, RedMan®, FIST® etc.
– Inert chemical agents, training batons, training radios
– Laser simulators including AIS, IES, TiTraining, FATS®, BeamHit®, MILES equipment
– Inert weapons and blank firing devices

Two full days of practical exercises test student abilities to implement the principles learned during the classroom phase of the training.

Following the conclusion of this program, participants will have an advanced level of knowledge and experience in the field of Reality Based Training program design and implementation, as well as a solid understanding of the safety requirements for use of the discussed simulation equipment. An Instructor Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this program.

What to bring:

– Duty belt, duty weapon, duty TASER, duty baton coveralls or long sleeve BDU’s, approved eye protection suitable for range training
– 50 rounds of SIMUNITION® FX® Marking Cartridges
– Writing instruments
– Open mind

While a limited number of firearms and small quantities of ammunition are available for the practical exercises, students are encouraged to bring training devices to include:

– Guns modified for use with SIMUNITION® FX® Marking Cartridges, protective gear for use with projectile based training
– Inert chemical agent, training batons, props

What is provided:

– Training materials and instructor manuals
– Primary protective equipment (face, throat, gloves, groin protection)
– Props, radios, inert chemical agent, training batons

Note: If students have projectile based training protective gear that they are already using in their training and want to use it in this course, they are encouraged to bring it, however it will be evaluated for suitability in the program by our training staff prior to use.

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Daily* (8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Friday)
*Training on Wednesday and Thursday may run slightly past 5:00 pm due to scenario training

This five-day course covers all aspects of Reality Based Training. Instructed by Kenneth Murray, the original co-founder of SIMUNITION® and author of the critically acclaimed book Training at the Speed of Life – the Definitive Textbook for Police and Military Reality Based Training, this class provides instructors with a highly advanced template for running any type of Reality Based Training independent of the technologies being used.

Participants in this class receive five days of both theory and hands on experiential learning in setting up safe and effective training programs involving the various types of Reality Based Training modalities. Those who have attended in the past have gone on to create training programs that have significantly reduced training costs while improving the quality AND quantity of training within their agencies. It also addresses many of the issues that agencies are facing these days within the various aspects of encounters with members of their communities. The Training at the Speed of Life class teaches participants functional use of setting up training programs that are directed more towards the needs of the individual officer as opposed to the assembly line approach that fails to address specific training needs of each officer. The Seven Survivals model explains that any training program must transcend many of the typical training methodologies, and teach participants how to set up experiential exercises that will help to ensure that encounters address optimized performance Physically, Legally (both criminal and civil), Socially, Professionally, Psychologically/Emotionally, Spiritually/Ethically, and Financially. Failure in any one of these critical areas can prove catastrophic personally, organizationally and societally. This program teaches trainers to ensure any scenario based training is performed and facilitated to a conclusion that is “six o’clock news ready”, meaning that if the scenario had been and actual situation, that the video of that event would be the one the agency and the community they serve would be proud to see it replayed on television or in a court of law.

This school certifies the attendees as instructors in the use of all brands of marking cartridges, protective equipment, inert training products, AirSoft, video simulation systems and more.

This program is open to trainers involved in all facets of law enforcement training including Field Training Officers, Firearms Instructors, Defensive Tactics Instructors, and other instructors involved with patrol, SWAT or specialized law enforcement training. A military version of this class is also available.

Equipment Requirements:

– Duty Equipment (Including TASER if carried)
– Long-Sleeved Uniform or Coveralls
– Body Armor and Eye Protection
– Writing Instruments

Students are asked to bring 50 rounds of Secure Blanks (SIMUNITION) or ATK Force on Force Blanks. Marking cartridges will be provided. Students should also bring their dedicated marking cartridge firearm and/or conversion kit for their duty weapon.

Participants should also bring any training weapons or conversion kits necessary to fire the training munitions to be utilized in the training program. Depending on where the class is held, there might be a limited number of training weapons available for use for those who do not have the conversion kits. Note: UTM is currently not permitted as for use in this program due to current projectile dangers. Basic protective gear including Face/Head, Throat, Groin and Gloves will be provided for scenario portions.

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Hourly Schedule

Monday, July 8th

8am - 5pm

Tuesday, July 9th

8am - 5pm

Wednesday, July 10th

8am - 5pm
Training may run slightly past 5:00 pm due to scenario training

Thursday, July 11th

8am - 5pm
Training may run slightly past 5:00 pm due to scenario training

Friday, July 12th

8am - 1pm


Jul 08 - 12 2024


New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy
4491 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507

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