Basic School Resource Officer Course

The PSPG Basic School Resource Officer Course is a forty-hour (40) block of instruction designed for school-based law enforcement/security officers and school safety professionals who are assigned to an educational environment working with and around school administrators and students. The course has been designed to provides tools for officers to build positive relationships with both students and staff. The course is based upon a Prevention, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery model.

Within the course there will be repeated references made to the many roles of an SRO during the course of their job. Our Focus within this class will be on developing three major areas of skill and knowledge within these roles.

Law Enforcement: The number one goal is safety in the schools. In order to accomplish this, we hope to provide in-depth instruction on the differences between law enforcement and law enforcement/security that is conducted inside a school environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on community policing concepts as well as threat assessment and mitigation through prevention.
Assisting the Education Process and Mentoring Students: Through this course we hope to provide instruction that is designed to provide knowledge, understanding and the tools necessary to be a positive role model for youth. Very often this includes informal counseling techniques, coaching, conflict resolutions, etc.
Crisis Intervention and Mental Health Awareness: In order to fully mitigate or prevent crisis people need to gain an understanding of the source, including understanding the teen brain. We hope to provide knowledge that will allow de-escalation techniques to be successful. Classroom management tools will also be provided in order to assist the SRO in wearing multiple support-based hats.

In general, it is our hope that attendees will gain a solid working knowledge of school resource officer concepts and how to establish a lasting partnership with their schools. The class instructors will be current public safety personnel, mental health providers, psychologists, and retired first responders with extensive expertise and experience in verbal de-escalation and crisis management.

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This Class will address the following topics and discussion areas.

• Defining Violence in the School/Workplace
• The History of School Violence and Active Shooter Events in the United States
• Human Dynamics 101- Starting to Understand the Adolescent/Child Mind
• Psychological Risk Factors for Violence
• Sources of Workplace and School Violence as well as their Victims
• Child and Adolescent 101
• Working with Students with Special Needs
• Case Conceptualization for the LEO, School Official, or HR Professional
• Threat Assessment 101
• How to Assess Risk to Self and Others and How to Articulate Dangerousness to Others.
• Interviewing and Behavioral Analysis
• Research Review on Active Shooters
• Basic Verbal De-Escalation for School Resource Officers
• Cultural Competence and Implicit Bias Avoidance
• Current Trends and Case Law Update for Active Shooter Events
• General, School, and Workplace Violence Prevention and threat Mitigation
• Stalking, Erotomania, and Prominent Individual Infatuation
• Common Characteristics and Mental Health Struggles for the School/Workplace Shooter
• Targeted Violence Prevention, Target Hardening, TOADS, and Putting Up TREES
• Children and Adolescents in a Crisis
• The Coordinated Response to the Shooting- Survival in the Midst of an Event
• Recovering from and Active Shooter Event, Taking Care of Your People, and Civil Liability
• Over 10 hours of scenario learning and tabletop exercise.

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Aug 01 - 05 2022


Mountain Standard Time (MST)
8:00 am

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PSPG Training Facility
8341 Washington ST. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113


Dr. Troy Rodgers
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