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Advanced Crisis Intervention Training: For Law Enforcement Interactions with People with Mental Illness, Intellectual Disabilities, and Substance Use Disorders. New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Course Number: NM230288

Between mental health, substance use, and the other crisis law enforcement faces on a daily basis “serve and protect” sometimes means more than we thought. Ten minutes of de-escalation tactics can save hours of paperwork for the officer, jail time for the individual, and create better relationships with the communities we serve. While most classes spend the majority of the time on de-escalation tactics and crisis negotiation, Nurstead believes the ability to identify mental health and substance use allows a better understanding of how and when to use tactics and what tactics to use. Talking is a tactical tool, make sure to use the right one for the right situation. Nurstead Consulting Services’ Advanced Crisis Intervention training is specially designed to address the challenges law enforcement faces when interacting with individuals suffering from mental illness, acute intoxication, mental disability, and other crisis level interactions. This 40-hour course leads to a much deeper understanding of mental health, substance abuse, crisis response, and crisis de-escalation. Officers who attend this training will learn to identify different mental illness and intervention techniques to better respond to escalated on-scene situations related to mental health. This provides a strong foundation to improve the relations with individuals in the community who experience mental health challenges and also reduce the number of arrests and detentions for individuals where interactions with law enforcement occur, but there is no criminal intent present.
Course Objectives

  1. Provide History of CIT in Law Enforcement
  2. Discuss Low-Risk and High-Risk Situations
  3. Discuss Techniques, Strategies, and Tactics
  4. Review Tactical Positioning and Verbal Control
  5. Review Suicide Intervention Techniques for First Responders
  6. Identify common encounters of peace officers with persons with a mental illness.
  7. List the initial tasks to accomplish when responding to a situation involving a person with a mental illness.
  8. Complex Trauma in Law Enforcement Work
  9. Self-Care for Law Enforcement Officers

Students will be involved in at least two de-escalation scenarios as part of the exam process. The final day includes a written exam and experiential exams.
New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Course Number: NM230288

Continuing Ed. Credits available for New Mexico Law Enforcement Certificate of Completion available for all other Law Enforcement.

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Dec 04 - 08 2023


8:00 am - 5:00 pm




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